Here's a web development project checklist:

    <li>The account manager and creative director collaborate with the client</li>
    <li>Discuss the client's vision, website features, and media requirements (copy, logos, photos, videos)</li>
    <li>Define and finalize the pages</li>
    <li>Agree on project scope, deliverables, and terms</li>
    <li>Sign the contract</li>
    <li>Send the payment</li>
    <li>Collect credentials for domain registration, hosting, and WordPress</li>
    <li>Obtain media and copy from the client or assign tasks to the in-house copywriter</li>
    <li>Team meeting to discuss the project</li>
    <li>Project manager: reviews scope documents and builds a task list</li>
    <li>The creative director approves project initiation</li>
    <li>Project manager: Set up ClickUp, Google Shared Drive, Slack Channel, and Miro Board</li>
    <li>Project manager: Assign tasks and set deadlines for copy, design, and development teams</li>
    <li>Project manager: Obtain the copy and media from the client or in-house copywriter</li>
    <li>Project manager: Coordinate tasks and deadlines with the copywriter</li>
    <li>Project manager: Track progress using ClickUp and a spreadsheet</li>
    <li>Project manager: Obtain approvals from the creative director and client</li>
    <li>Project manager: Submit the copy to the design team</li>
    <li>Set deadlines in ClickUp</li>
    <li>The design team creates mockups based on client input and the provided copy</li>
    <li>The project manager organizes files and tracks the progress</li>
    <li>Obtain approvals from the project manager, creative director, and client</li>
    <li>Project manager: Submit designs to the development team</li>
    <li>Project manager: Set deadlines in ClickUp</li>
    <li>Development team builds the website</li>
    <li>The project manager inspects the output, requests revisions, and ensures design accuracy</li>
    <li>Project manager: Test the website on various devices and browsers</li>
    <li>Desktop OS: MacOS and Windows</li>
    <li>Desktop: Standard Laptop Screen, Large Desktop Screen</li>
    <li>Tablet: iPad</li>
    <li>Mobile: iOS (Safari and Chrome) Android Chrome</li>
    <li>Project manager: updates ClickUp, the spreadsheet
    <li>Project manager: documents the desktop and mobile versions of the constructed website on Miro for easy comparison</li>
	<li>Design and copywriting teams inspect the developed website</li>
	<li>Obtain approvals from the project manager, creative director, and client</li>


  • Create a how-to guide for the client
  • Record a video guide on website usage
  • Present the finished product to the client
  • Share files and credentials
  • Offer ongoing maintenance, marketing services, and future upgrades

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