kevin olega now


I manage projects for a US-based web design firm and a career transition consulting business.

I’m currently not accepting additional work and business proposals. This picture represents my tasks and commitments at the moment.

I operate from Parañaque City.


I write career advice for BPO workers as part of my community service.

I’m attempting to declutter and sell all of my possessions on my online store.

A few weeks ago, I bought access to a bunch of books and online courses including copywriting, email marketing, drawing and web design. I’m trying to study all the material.


I have a dog now and I’m learning how to fit caring for my pet into my schedule.

I spend most of my free time cycling, CrossFit, blogging, drawing and learning how to make meditation a daily practice.

I’m trying to cut my carb and sugar intake and eat mostly a Carnivore Diet and only eat beef, lamb, pork, chicken and seafood.

I geek out on pens, bikes, tech, fitness, philosophy, and almost anything Japanese including anime, manga and J-pop idols.

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updated: Friday, June 28, 2019