Kevin Recommends:

People ask me a lot of questions about my recommendations.

So I'm compiling everything here.



What's books do you keep re-reading?

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie, The book of James and Ecclesiastes in the Bible, .

What are your favorite Audiobooks?

Out of Your Mind by Alan Watts, Some Thoughts about Relationships by Collin Wright and Anything You Want by Derek Sivers.

What are your favorite podcasts?

Let's know things by Colin Wright, The Tim Ferriss Show and Freakonomics.

What are your favorite blogs?

Mnmlist by Leo Babauta, Exile Lifestyle by Colin Wright,and Fuck Yes Saturday by Stephanie Lee.

What kind of bike do you own?

I have a folding bike, a mountain bike and a fixed gear bike.

updated: January 11, 2018

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