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I currently live in Parañaque Philippines.

I spend my free time training in a CrossFit box.

I'm preparing for a competition at Primal Ape CrossFit.

Health is still my number one priority because without it, anything I achieve becomes useless.

I left the call center back in June to take care of my health.

I do my best to sleep eight hours a day.

Work Projects

I make my living doing freelance work. I write and edit articles related to fitness, health and personal development.

I offload time consuming tasks from entrepreneurs who would like to run their business from a chat app. I manage customer service teams, assign tasks to freelancers, manage transactions, do research, stand in to deal with clients, etc.

If you’re interested in hiring me please visit my UpWork and Fiverr profile.

Personal Projects

I do my best to keep my life balanced.

Aside from work related activities I also have personal projects.

Recent wins:

  1. 40 pull ups
  2. My first rope climb.
  3. PR: 215 Back Squat One Rep Max
  4. PR: 265 Deadlift One Rep Max
  5. Bike to Tagaytay
  6. Learned GitHub to host my websites.
  7. Quit my Call Center Job to become a freelance ghost writer.
  8. Built a home office
  9. Got over my depression
  10. The perfect home made hamburger
  11. Consistent four days a week of CrossFit.

I'm currently rejecting offers for jobs, business and investments.

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updated: December 30, 2016

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